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Webinar - MRP and Kanban - Together Again!

Most companies who attempt to implement pull/kanban struggle with three issues.

First, how do we right-size and re-size our supermarkets? Over-sized supermarkets result in production of unneeded items, and under-sized supermarkets result in stockouts. 

Second, what techniques are appropriate for signaling replenishment? Too often, cumbersome manual techniques are chosen, and the pull system is abandoned.

Third, don't we still need MRP, even with kanban? And, how do we make kanban and MRP work together?

In this webinar, learn how to harvest key MRP data to size and resize your supermarkets with ease. Explore the application of automated, visual pull techniques. And, see how to link pull/kanban to your existing requirements planning system.

Date:  Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. 

For reservations, please visit our website (www.apics-wichita.com), send an email to rsvp@apics-wichita.com or call Kevin Parker at (316) 636-8224.  You will need to provide your full name.

The President's Message

Well, we have started off this fall with some outstanding educational experiences with Don Blake’s excellent presentation at our September PDM and just this week the outstanding tour of the new Wichita Airport facility.  Both events were very enlightening.  The tour of the airport this week was very impressive in that the tour was conducted by the project manager of the airport construction.  He gave us an insider’s view of the airport and an idea of what it takes to orchestrate such a monumental project.


We will keep the ball rolling in November with a presentation by Don Guild, CFPIM,  who will be enlightening us on the fascinating topic of how to utilize MRP and Kanban together to optimize our operations!  I hope to see everyone at this PDM for what I think will be a very useful and interesting presentation!

Bill Carroll 

Bill Carroll, CPIM, Ph.D.
President, 2013-2015
Wichita Chapter of APICS

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PDM - MRP and Kanban Webinar

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