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Welcome to the APICS Wichita Chapter!2015 C-BAR award

The President's Message

June is the official end of our year at APICS Wichita.  It’s always a good time to take a look back at our year and also to look forward to the next.  It’s been a great year!  We’ve had speakers who have spoken on a broad range of topics from the macro level of supply chain strategy and  how to attract and retain the next generation of workers to the micro level of how to improve our everyday processes through lean.  We’ve also branched out in our plant tours to include the NIAR research facility and my favorite, the Cargill R&D labs.  We’ve rolled out a new website and dramatically improved our ability to communicate with you.  We’ve also partnered with other local groups like the Wichita Chamber of Commerce and the Kansas Global Trade Services Group to expand our message and help make Wichita and our surro unding communities strong again.

As we look forward I want to make sure you know about the APICS national conference coming up.  The theme this year is ELEVATE.  They have a great lineup of speakers and breakout sessions that will help both you as an individual and as a company elevate your supply chain for the next level of growth. For more information: http://www.apics.org/annual-conference/home

I also must take this opportunity to say goodbye.  The company I work for is moving its headquarters to Broomfield, CO. I have greatly enjoyed working on the board the past several years and meeting so many talented and engaged people around Wichita who are making this the community that people want to be involved in and work in.  Wichita is a special place and will be missed.  Have a great summer everyone!


Best regards,

Chad Molen

President 2015-2016